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DGCustomerfirst: Dollar General is a multi-store located in the United States. It was formerly called as J.L. Turner and son. It is a public industry. It was founded in the year 1939, 79 years ago as J.L. Turner and son. In 1968 it was officially named as dollar general corporation. The founders of this organization are James Luther Turner and Cal Turner. The headquarters is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee in the United States. The number of locations the organization present is 16,000 stores as of June 2018.

The divisions of the company are Dollar General Market. The subsidiaries of the Dollar General are Dolgencorp, LLC., Dollar General Financial, Dollar General Global Sourcing, Dollar General Literacy Foundation. The products you can get from the stores of Dollar General are Clothing, cleaning supplies, home decor, health & beauty aids, pet supplies, toys, seasonal items, and grocery. Michael M. Calbert is the Chairman of the company, Todd Vasos is the chief executive officer whereas John W.Garratt is the chief financial officer. The official website of the company is www.dollargeneral.com.

Dollar General as the largest store holds a web portal to help the customers efficiently. Though the company is introduced long back, the company follows the trend as technology grows rapidly. The portal helps the customers to give feedback about the company. Dollar General believes that customer satisfaction is the basement to grow the company and improve the factors to reach the customer needs. The web portal is named as “Dgcustomerfirst”. You will receive rewards once you fill out the survey. It offers $1000 cash survey sweepstakes. To win the price the fill the Dollar General feedback Survey forms.

DGCustomerfirst com survey at www.dgcustomerfirst.com

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Dgcustomerfirst Survey Guide:


The requirements for the Dgcustomerfirst Survey are:

  • A laptop or a PC or a tablet or a smartphone.
  • An active internet connection or Wi-fi.
  • Recent purchase made receipt in Dollar General Store.

Take Survey  or Give Feedback

Survey Details

Coupon prize $3 off $15 coupon
Sweepstakes prize $100 gift card
# of Sweepstakes Prizes Awarded 4 per entry period
Location US & District of Columbia
Age 18+
Entry Limit per entry period 1


1.  A receipt from a recent purchase made at a Dollar General store.
2. To participate in the survey you should be at least 18 years or older.
3. A computer or smartphone.
4. Internet access.
5. An email account.
6. Should be a resident of the US.
7. The winner is obliged to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Liability and Publicity Release and a W-9 Tax identification form within 10 days of notification of having won a prize.
8. All taxes are solely the responsibility of the prize winner.

Survey Guide:

Here we have given the clear user guide steps for giving the survey. Read the instructions given below for filling out the survey form.


  • Open the official website of Dgcustomerfirst or click on the official website.
  • Enter the time and store number present on the receipt.
  • Now, enter the 15 digit access code which is at the bottom of your Dollar General receipt.
  • You get a few questions, please answer as per the survey questions.
  • After answering all the questions, click on the “Submit button”.
  • Enter your contact details.
  • Now, you’ll get a Dollar General Coupon, you can use it when you visit the store next time.


Here we have given the information for you, related to the questions asked in the survey.

  • Customer’s overall satisfaction.
  • The quality of products.
  • Cleanliness and site of the store.
  • How usually you visit the store.
  • The overall satisfaction with your experience at the store.
  • Prices of the products.
  • Friendliness of the staff.

Customer Service:

Customers can contact the customer service at any time and through all the means

  • Phone number: 615 855 4000
  • Mailing address: 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville,

Tennessee 37072

The United States of America.

Additional information:

The main advantage of having the portal for the company is the company gets customer reviews from all the people who visit the store. As the people rushing for their busy lives they can fill the survey form online at any time. Without any hesitant,  you can speak up their freedom about the services of the store. Also, you can win sweepstakes.

Thank you for choosing us as your guide. Hope we have given all the information that is all available for filling the Dollar General Customer Survey. Also, you can win a discount on the products after filling the dgcustomerfirst survey feedback form. So Hurry up, grab the opportunity and win the best offers on your favorite products.

If you have any issues or queries please comment below to reach us. We will try to reply as soon as possible. Have a good day, hope you get a discount on your favorite products in the nearby store.


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  1. Dear Dollar General Store Representative,
    I appreciate your customer service clerk Danisha she made my shopping experience delightful. I was impressed with her knowledge of store items and recommendations for future purchases is something to cherish, thanks.

  2. Please help me with my savings account password. My name is lourie grey.My phone number is 316-618-6315,and my gmail address is louriegrey @ gmail com. I do have a app and account number. I would love to go shopping tonight. I need my password change. I always am very pleased with how everything went, since all of the cashier’s willing using their own account and helpful with my needs. Thank you for them.

  3. Went to store in Louisville tn
    Store 15045 Dollar General
    Cashier by name of Sherry was very
    Personable and sweet with a huge smile.
    Made me feel very welcome

  4. I couldn’t get this to load properly so that I could take the survey
    my receipt number is 1106-5918-1960-842
    I am always satisfied with my purchases from the dollar general
    in marathon Ny and Whitney Point NY

  5. I wanted to give my comments on the Dollar Store #09266, Windham store. Very dirty floors, i would hate to fall in there. Couldn’t hardly get around with all the carts with boxes, that need to be unloaded on the shelves. Employees standing around talking instead of working. I bought very little in that store, I couldn’t stand being in there. I have been to alot of dollar stores and this by far is the worst I have seen.
    I think that upper management needs to pay a unannounced visit.

  6. Friendly and helpful employees

  7. Service was good store clean prices good

  8. I just left the store on w. Erwin st. Tyler Tx. The cashier Kendra, no customer service. Doesn’t greet the customers at all. But what really got me. She took my money. Paid w my debit card. But never said thank you. Attitude is very ghetto., pinkish hair w a rag tied around it.

  9. can’t access the survey

  10. I love your store in Thompson Ohio. The employees are so friendly and accommodating, especially the store manager Kathy. I have shopped every Dollar General in a 25 mile radius, and this hands down, is the cleanest store I have ever been in. You could not find a better group of employees. I have never seen a store manager like Kathy that is so friendly everyday, and it shows. We just love her and her clean store!!! You’re lucky to have these employees

  11. Always a good visit . Mrs Gerry’s crew are well trained and help and check out in a fast manner . Our DG store is the best around .

  12. I had a really bad experience this evening at dollar general store #17695 there was a young girl that I believe was in training and I was going to redeem some paper coupons and the manager came over to help her and she said very rudely that if it was on dollar items she wasn’t going to take them then she told the young girl that if the coupon didn’t scan that the was no way she was going to take it and have to do an override and this whole time neither one greeted me or said anything to me at all they just acted like i wasn’t even there you know I do mainly all my shopping at the dollar general stores from groceries to household items and I really don’t believe that I deserved to be treated that way because my coupons did scan she acted as if she was mad because of it and to top it all if I was the owner of this store or any other one I’d want my workers to at least present themselves half ways decent when they come to work and represent my store and they both looked like they had just rolled out of bed and had dirty clothes on

  13. I love shopping at my local DG. The sales people are so friendly. Gautier, MS

  14. This is my fifth attempt to register to enter your survey. I click Take Survey and it has never allowed me to enter any info. starting with the time. It is very frustration. Please help. I live in a fairly remote area and shop $ General more than I should as I spend approx. 3-400. per month there. I love my store and the people are very helpful. I go to the store located at 3361 Columbia Hwy. Leesville, SC Just wish I could register to enter your survey, it sure would be helpful to win. Thank you.

  15. The treatment I received at this establish was deplorable. I would not even treat my hired help this way.I visited the Knoxville Tennessee Dollar General on Executive Park Drive while in town for a conference and was treated as a theif despite having a receipt for my purchase. I highly suggest additional customer service training for the employee called Ahmad. Fortunately this encounter occurred with an understanding professional but the next time your employee may not get so lucky which will ultimately result in a reduction in sales at this location. Please see to Ahmad recieving the training he needs to perform better at his job. Thank you.

  16. This Dollar General is really great the people are nice and its clean..great deals

  17. The store is convenient for quick purchases and very easy to find items.
    A very clean and friendly environment.
    I shop at Dollar General often for the fair prices and convince. Thank you.

  18. Your online survey is complicated and dysfunctional

  19. I love to shop at General Dollar it is right down the street from my house.It is Two of them on my street

  20. Carmen L Thornton

    At store 4665 North Ottawa, KS. One of the cashiers was totally rude during ringing me up. I had a realtree shirt and above it there was a 70% off sign when she rang up my bill it was 17.70 I asked her how come it was so high she said the shirt is 12.50 I explained it was on a rack with the 70% off. She said, “that is for gray and blue dot only.” “I said, I okay, but it had a sign on it, she then reached behind her, got a sign and took her fingers and pointed out blue and gray dot only on it very rudely.” I had her take it off. She didn’t offer to go ahead and let me have the shirt or anything, just insisted on being rude about the color of the dots.

  21. I was in the dollar General on paris island gateway today this young girl was in there she claim that my brother stole out of the store. We came back to the store because my to sisters had to use the rest room as I was 🚶 in the store she came to to ask what was his name so I asked her for what I asked her again for what she told me so I went back to the car to get my mother and him we viewed the tape many times and didn’t see anything she still said that he did my brother is special needs she said that she didn’t won’t him back in the store I love to shop in filler general but with her addituide I will not becoming back in there if she was going to call them she should have done it then a stop us before we left she told me that she was going to wait until her shift end to call the police that is wrong what she done and I won’t an apology from her

  22. This has always been our favorite dollar general for the cleanliness and products and the customer service from the employees but have decided to stop shopping at this location due to repeated rudeness to the customer’s by the one manager . she swears in front of the customers, complains if she has to help us find something them starts yelling at the cash register if we point out it didn’t ring up on sale. I am done putting up with that kind of customer service from anyone. I seriously feel bad for the employee’s as i have heard how she treats them as well. and she is only a fellow key holder . Only thing i know is her name tag says Rachel

  23. I was highly satisfied with my shopping experience, the store was clean and I found everything I needed easily

  24. employees are friendly, helpful, seem to know where everything is located. Store brands are as good as popular brands.

  25. They are really nice and friendly

  26. I was able to make my purchase at Dollar General with no problems. I shop there regularly.

  27. I would like to compliment Nikki Walton on her professionalism and her knowledge of the store. She is always so helpful and busy working.She’s always in good spirits.

  28. I love shopping in general dollars the prices are reasonable they are cheaper than Walmarts and the people are so friendly they greet you as you come in a store if you need something there Will hope you find it and I just love shopping in general dollars

  29. I am trying to take a survey about the Dollar General i just love to visit. The store number is 01033.. and i can’t . So here goes,the employee Shelia is the best, it just so much i can say but not enough space. my 334-699-7832.

  30. JoAnne Childers

    Store no.#07094

  31. James Odell Butler

    Survey # 1677-2888-1038-002 today’s date from Lakeview, Oregon. Good service but mnot sure how to enter nsurvey info!!

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